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WhatsApp Marketing Strategies for Company Promotion

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Create an engaging new character
The main approach to using promotions through WhatsApp for your company's marketing purposes is to create and personalize an attractive personality of the brand. Because you would like to use WhatsApp as a tool to reach customers, they should be able to find a producer quickly and quickly. You should even create an engaging brand character that reflects your brand with a WhatsApp number. People don't even like to talk to unidentified company names.



Provide great value to build a phone database
Tom Whatsapp Sender will remain free of advertising, so to build a foundation for consumers, you need to provide them with something valuable in exchange for their phone number. It can be free marketing, valuable advice and even free support.


Bulk Whatsapp Sender
The huge illustration of this is that of the police in Delhi. All users would have to send videos or photos of police officers who do not comply with the obligation to accept bribes. On release day, 23,000 WhatsApp messages were received, which surprises the authorities and directs the reservation of 6 policemen for fees. As part of the bonus, the authorities obtain a register of tens of thousands of citizens' mobile numbers.


Another example comes from Hellman and it will be the Unilever mayonnaise brand that wants to increase the use of its goods in fresh dishes in Brazil. As a result, customers received a WhatsApp called WhatsCook, in which they can ask questions to a professional chef, discuss cooking, all the time creating a database with cell numbers.


Provide quick customer service
WhatsApp contains 70% less opening speed, which means that you practically have a guarantee of vulnerability of your messages when the customer is currently in WhatsApp with you.


With the support of Banco, Santander Bank has established an open-bank WhatsApp customer service number where you can talk about all bans, article questions and solve problems. From a pilot evaluation program carried out with around 1,700 customers, 99 percent of their customers found this service very helpful, and 98% said they would continue to use it.

The Reliance brand, which manages luxury brands such as Zegna, Diesel and Kenneth Cole in India, provides customers with the ability to stay in touch with the latest WhatsApp applications. Consumers get it, discover promotions, new releases and receive the latest information, such as movies and photos. In many situations, the conversion rate of customers who were near WhatsApp brands was around 90 percent.


Market research and opinions

Customer survey
WhatsApp promotion software makes it much easier to attract customers to their valuable comments after the offer ends. In addition, you'll find an immediate response from customers, which can help improve transparency. In addition, the group can talk to suppliers, customers and employees about punctual potential. Such activities create many suggestions and opinions. Along with the collected comments, you can even respond to their own requirements and support your services and products. By creating a fun and ingenious survey, you can interact with customers. 


Consumer research
WhatsApp has not been widely used for research, however, it provides an easy-to-use, fast and inexpensive platform for conducting many quick tests. You can ask consumers about their preferred tastes, ask them to choose among other products that the brand proposes to introduce. In addition, WhatsApp is very important for carrying out several quick dialogs within the organization. Rather, use a character framework, fantastic value market, customer support and content to create leads and revenue with WhatsApp.


WhatsApp has great potential to benefit almost every enterprise. What's more, it works extremely well for companies that have a global customer base. Best whatsapp status for your office colleague, friends and so on. Must tryTherefore, if you have a global customer base, you can expand this market by cooperating economically with each other with the support of WhatsApp.